Wraptor FAQs

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Can I Use It for My Wedding Gift List Registry?

Wraptor is perfect for Weddings – not all couples need or want a gift registry, but guests do love the option to buy you something. With Wraptor, you can create a Wrap (gift list) for your Wedding simply and easily. Guests can then download the app and instantly access your profile to see what gifts you have added and buy through the app. We work with a large range of retailers and you can add products from any store or website. You can also add a ‘Collaborator’ to a Wrap so both bride and groom can add products to the Wrap from their profiles. Your Wrap can be made private so that only you and your partner can view it while you are adding items and getting it ready. You can then change it to ‘public’ whenever it’s ready! Wrap’s can also be shared with guest instantly using the ‘Share’ feature or just tell them you’re on Wraptor. So, do it at home, put your feet up and #PassMeTheProsecco.

Wraptor & Baby Gift Lists

Creating a Wrap for all the baby things you need for your new arrival is a great way to let your loved ones and friends help you get started on this exciting (and potentially expensive) journey! Add anything you need from any retailer or store: new car seat, prams, nappy changers, monitors baby slings & blankets.

Barcode Scanning

If a retailer we work with provides barcodes in our database, you will be able to scan an item you see in-store. If you get the ‘oh crumbs’ screen – try searching the name of the product you want to add in the ‘Search & Discover’ section. Sometimes it will show up here when the barcode information isn’t available. Alternatively, you can select ‘no barcode’ from within the Scan Gift feature and manually enter the details.

Permissions to Access Your Contacts and Camera

We ask for these permissions to connect you instantly with your Amigos and so that you can upload product images or use your camera to scan a barcode. We will never ever pass on your phone number or contact details to anyone external to Wraptor.
If you haven't allowed access and want to change that - you can do it in the settings of your phone for the app. If a contact isn’t on Wraptor, you can invite them using the ‘+’ symbol at the top right corner of the Amigos screen and either enter in their email address or search through your phone contact list to send them a link.

Privacy and Blocking Contacts

Wraptor currently doesn’t offer the option to block a contact from connecting with you – we are building this in to a future build. In the meantime, you can make any Wrap private; either so just a few selected Amigos can view it, or completely private so it is only visible to you.

Will My Amigo Know That I Bought Them a Gift?

No. If you choose to buy something from an Amigos’ Wrap, the user that created the Wrap never knows you have bought them something until you give them the gift. Once you mark it as purchased, other users won’t be able to see the gift on the Wrap which hopefully reduces the risk of duplicating gifts. The element of surprise remains intact!

Multi-buying Products from Different Wraps

If you want to buy items from a few different Wraps or Amigos and the products are all from the same retailer, you can add each item to the retailer’s checkout basket and come back to the app to add from another list/user, the retailer website will remember what you previously added to the checkout.

Where Does the Gift Get Delivered To?

That is completely up to you. Once you select to ‘Buy’ a product, the app takes you to the retailer website and you can checkout as normal and choose your delivery address like on any other shopping site. Payments and card details are also handled by the retailer’s own site.

Retailers We Work With

You can see a list of all the wonderful retailers that we are affiliated with on our website or within the app’s ‘About’ section. If we don’t have a retailer that you’d like to see on board, please send us a roar to hello@wraptorapp.com.