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Your wedding gift list, made simple.

Wedding gift lists and Wraptor

  • Wraptor is the app that makes creating a wedding gift list simple
  • Having a wedding list makes things easy for the guests that want to buy you a gift
  • Without a list they may go rogue and buy you a gift anyway - might as well be something you love or wouldn't normally treat yourselves too!*
  • * Nobody needs five cermaic bowls and half a dozen blankets ...

Sure - good point, but what's so special about Wraptor?

Common wedding gift lists usually confine users to one retailer/store/website. They can also be a little awkward to share with family and friends.

With Wraptor, you add items you’d love to receive, from different stores (any store, any product, from anywhere). When your guests also download the app, they can instantly see your profile and wedding gift list in the 'My Amigos' section. The same way WhatsApp instantly connects you to your contacts. Smart technology and all that.

Wraptor: your wedding list made simple


Out shopping and see something you like? Scan the barcode or take a picture and upload the product to your wedding gift list.


Be inspired by our in-app gift ideas, search specifically for products you like and add them straight to your list in the app.

ALL the Lists

Wraptor's not just for Weddings - you can easily create multiple gift lists, for other occasions too: Birthday, Christmas, Baby Showers ...

Simple for Guests

Wraptor instantly connects you with family and friends. Once guests download the app too they'll be connected to you and can view your list in the the My Amigos section.

Why Wraptor is pretty nifty

a few reasons to love Wraptor ...

  • Start creating your list in minutes - stay right where you are on the sofa, have another biscuit maybe
  • Add products from any website, retailer or brand giving you ALL the choice
  • Guests love a list - some will prefer the chance to buy a gift, knowing it's something you need and love
  • Eliminate all those duplicate ceramics bowls and lovely woolly blankets
  • When you're done with the wedding list (no tears) you can use Wraptor for all other gifting occasions like Birthdays, Anniversairies, Christmas, Baby Showers ...

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